"Stop exterminating all the animals of the forests!
Let the eagle fly, let the roe deer run!
Let the last river roaring in our nature
still roar between mountains and fur and pine!

Call it the Land of Angels or the Soil of Heaven if you like
We inherited the earth and the green grove
Wild roses and blue anemones and lime blossoms and camomiles
let them live, they are so beautiful!"
Ewert Taube translated by me

Many of our frends the animals and our beautiful Mother Earth - nature - are not feeling good today. Our planet EARTH is poisoned, wrecked and raped, and she struggles to survive after all. She tries to protest through natural disasters of various kinds, but it seems hard for us to understand. I wish that more and more people were willing to take the consequences of the knowledge we have today, and to take the responsability to live in a way that saves Mother Earth. With polluted air, polluted waters, polluted earth there are no longer any possibilities for life on this planet. Do we really want it to go that far - and do we really see how far it has already gone? Economic considerations many times win over a concious "environment friendly" choice. It is so easy to say: "What can I do - after all the big industries are the big polluters." But every long journey starts with one single step. Every change in society starts with the change in one single human. So - the concious choice of every man and woman is extremely important for the whole. If suddenly there is no demand for ecologically harmful articles, the producers will have to change their thinking. And we are already moving in that direction.

The ANIMALS... the lovable animals... Yes - I want to do something for all the unheard, unseen, disrespected, powerless animals. I would wish all to see, love and respect the animals for being the living, soulful beings they really are. It is extremely painful to see how the animals are treated in for example the production of meat - so painful that it is hard to take it in. Just like children, the animals cannot speak and stand up for themselves. They have a language that few of us understand. But we can be absolutely certain that they are very concious, very sensitive and very receptive creatures with as much need for love and respect as any human. I wish we all could realize that we are all united with one another and all living things - and imagine how different we would live our lives if we did...

There are some people who can communicate with the animals. The first one that I heard about is Samantha Khury, but now I know that there are many "animal talkers". Through them we can learn to know our animals better, and also learn how to become more sensitive to their needs. The animals sometimes want to pass on messages to their master or mistress. I saw Samantha Khury in a TV show and she told a story about a cat that was worried about his mistress, because the latter had a boyfriend that was not good for her. The cat's owner said that "of course he was right, but I didn't understand that until much later." So the animals are very wise and sensitive beings who can teach us a lot.

Personally I have chosen not to eat meat from the meat industry - I eat only meat from wild animals, because then I know that the animals were living a free life - as long as they lived.

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