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I love cats, and especially my own of course... Wise, free, considerate, individual, loving, wild, a little crazy, cool, sweet, relaxed, funny, smart - well, they had all you could ever want. They were siblings and their names were Viktor and Justina. Victor was very ill during a few months of 2005 - in october he crossed over to the "cat heaven". I miss him very much. And now (october 2008) his sister Justina has joined him. She was (and still is, I am sure) an very wise lady, and so wonderful.
Here are some nice pictures of the two - my true friends and supporters in fur...

Click on the image if you want a bigger version.

Viktor the philisopher

Sweet Justina

Viktor on a stone

Justina on the grass

Viktor on the balcony parapet

Justina among flowers

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