Body - Soul - Spirit

"Be sure you know that you are precious -
that you are important here and now -
that you are loved for your own sake
for there is noone in the world like you... "
Ingemar Olsson - translated by me

What is health? Is it absence of desease, or is it more than that? To me health is a state of wholeness in life - where body, soul and spirit each are nourished in the way they need - where you live in a way that you honour yourself, other living beings, nature... the wholeness of life. It sounds very good and great of course, and maybe it is difficult to follow, but don't you agree that it is true?!

The BODY needs nourishment - real adequate balanced nutrition through food and drink. It needs exercise, fresh air, light, intimacy, warmth etc. It needs to be protected from dangerous toxic substances, drugs etc to feel good. It is incredably cooperative and it does it's best to go on functioning. But if you mistreat and neglect the body's needs it will eventually protest. So to give love to the body is to give it what makes it feel good. Our bodies are also our link to Mother Earth... As we treat ourselves - so we treat her as well... and vice versa. I think we need to become more and more aware that it is of vital importance how we feed ourselves - how we feed "our earth" - that we really eat nutritious food that gives life to our bodies. As you know, there is lot of junk food with a lot of calories but little sustenance - and it makes us overweight and undernourished... But of course it is also important to really enjoy the food - to eat tasty dishes and to eat with joy. Yes - the body needs love from its carrier to be at ease. It is actually the temple of the soul - a kind of instrument that the soul can play on and either bring harmonic music or frustrated and piercing discord.

The SOUL also needs nourishment of course. It needs to feel, grow, develop och go through experiences. It needs to be listened to. I am convinced that every soul on earth has a special reason to be here - to learn something, and to give something - and that we all choose when and how to be born into this world, into what family we come etc. And I am convinced that we have been here many times before. The soul's desire to grow and develop through experiences of all kinds is strong and inevitable. Of course it is hard to understand why you should choose a difficult and almost unbearable life, but from the soul perspective it could be priceless experience - because the soul wants to be more and more refined and purified - like a diamond is cut over and over again until it shines intensely in extreme beauty. Through all kinds of emotions, relations, experiences, life crossroads, success and failure we have the chance to grow in love, empathy, strength and humility... and this is what I believe is the meaning of all our lives.

So - what about the SPIRIT !? Well - it is on the spiritual level that we all belong together - are ONE. It is on this level we humans can find what unites us all - what creates freedom and peace both on the outside and the inside. It is from this level that we can perceive the limitless "jig-saw puzzle" that we are all pieces of - and we can also see how very important every little soul is to make this great puzzle whole without missing pieces. So - how do you give your spirit nourishment? I'm sure there are many ways, but I believe that one condition is that you become still and quiet and try to listen to your inner being. You need to learn a way to find an inner focus, to be totally quiet, to free yourself from all your opinions and to just listen unprejudiced to what is there in the silence. I'm sure that everyone gets "god-given" guidance from the spiritual dimension, but it takes stillness to notice it. If you are driving through life on maximum speed you might not be able to sense the fine signals at all - not until something dramatic happens to you that forces you to slow down. It is often through painful experience that we start fo feel a closer contact with the spiritual dimension - and maybe also start to take in the possibility that there are souls - invisible to most of us - that follow us and guide us through life.

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