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I have been singing as long as I can remember. My parents placed me in the livingroom when there were guests visiting, and I was singing little tunes to entertain them. When I was 8 years old I had a crush on Tommy Steele, and when I became a teenager I fell madly in love with the Beatles. I literally worshipped them. God help the one who said something negative about my idols. Later on I have had many favourites of different kinds - in different genres. Stevie Wonder is the singer who has meant more to me than anyone else. When he is singing it seems to me that pure gold is flowing from him. My two favourite albums made by him are "Songs in the key of life" and "The secret life of plants".

Up to the age of 30 I created no music of my own - and I really didn't think I could. But something happened inside, and it felt like a tap was opened to a large reservoir of inspiration. I wrote in an endless stream of creativity...(Inspiration means to breath in - e.g. to take in/breathe in the spirit.) It felt like a flood-gate was opened, and all the entrapped water finally got an outlet - and I had really been longing for this for a long long time without knowing it. The first years it was flowing rapidly - later it has evened out and a song is "coming down" now and then. The songs always emerge from a strong emotion, a deep experience, dream or fantasy - something that moves me deeply. The lyrics come first - then I sit down at my synthesizer to create the melody and harmonies.

From 1978 to 1986 I intended to earn my living by singing and playing, and many times that was easier said than done. I got along singing on pubs, clubs, on the radio and TV - both as a leadsinger and doing the background vocals. In my photo album you can look at a few of the bands I was singing with. In 1982 I had the opportunity to make my own album - on a label called "Transmission". It was met really positive by the critics, but still it did not reach that many listeners. A couple of the songs were played rather frequently on the radio... Later I recorded songs for another album, but the record company got bankrupt before it was meant to be released. Two of the songs were later released on another label named "Caprice" in 1986. One of the songs was rather popular for a period of time on the radio.

The last few years - since 1996 - I have been more active playing music again after working with other things for some years. 1994 I learnt for the first time how to record music on a computer, and of course I became very enthusiastic. The possibility to sit at home recording music made me really happy, as it is very expensive to buy time in a professional studio. So at last I bought a program for midi recordings and got started. In the beginning I had an old Atari computer and a program calles Creator. Now I have a PC and the program Cubase. But mostly nowadays my producer Olle Nyberg is recording my songs. Please check them out!

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