"You're the voice, try and understand it
make a noice and make it clear
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear"
Qunta, Thompson, Reid, Ryder

Ever since I was a little girl I have been singing, and it has been easy for me to express myselt through singing. It is a gift I have been given. To speak has been much harder - I have been shy to speak in front of others, so my singing-voice and my speaking-voice have sounded very different from each other. Some people have said that it sounds like two different people - one who speaks and one who sings. I have worked quite a lot with myself and with my own voice in many ways and I have learnt much on this path - and it is my wish to be able to help others free their voices... to free their own unique expression... as I myself am gradually becoming more free. There are far too many people who have been "shut up" because of values and fears of not sounding good enough - expectations from themselves or from others. We could all become more free in our expression through voice - through singing and through speach.

Of course it's all about feeling - because we express ourselves and our feelings with our voices. Pitch, loudness, strength of voice etc. tell us how we feel - how we are doing. I'm sure you know that your voice has a tense quality when you feel a lot of pressure and stress. And when you are relaxed and in harmony with yourself, your voice becomes deeper and it is also more pleasant to listen to you. And the same thing happens when you sing. If you are singing a song that you don't like, your body resists to sing it and your voice becomes tense - and your throat soon gets tired. But if you love what you are singing your body is happy and I am sure it will be enjoyable to listen to you. And above all you feel good inside... because you are raising your own energy level.

So - how can one work with one's voice? Well - you could take lessons to improve your technique of singing and speach, but to really come to a free and genuine expression I believe that you need to work on a deeper level - to get to know yourself and your voice - to set your unique and personal expression free. One powerful way to work with the voice is toning/singing various specific sounds that affect the body in different ways. The sound vibrations work on the cells with a "massage" from the inside and help the releasing of tension in different parts of the body. We all consist of a lot of water, and soundwaves travel very easily through water. When tension is released, hidden and forgotten feelings may come to the surface - so working with the voice in this way is also very therapeutic.

In all ages man has been singing and has felt good when singing. I heard a story about a monastery where the monks always sang several times a day - in every hour of prayer. And they were happy and in harmony with themselves. Later the routines were to be "modernized", so a lot of the singing and chanting was taken away. After some time the monks started to feel bad - they became depressed and sad - so the singing was reinstalled into the routines. And - they all became happy again instantly. A charming little story with a happy ending - and it is also true. So why not take some minutes of singing now and then at work, at school, at home... A very simple way to raise our energy level on a daily basis.

There is ongoing reasearch about how sound frequencies affect our bodies, our organs, our breathing, our pulses - very exciting. Within different spiritual traditions, singing and chanting has been and is being used as a means to come nearer the divine - to achieve balance and peace. This is about the healing power of the voice - something that I have a very deep interest in. There have been times when I have sang myself healthy when I had a cold or a headache - like a miracle. So it works - I promise...

Here below you can find a few links to websites with information about the healing power of the voice. Finally I want to say - sing, sing and sing more! Pay no more attention to all the old singing teachers who told you that you cannot sing - because it is not true. Everyone who has vocal chords can sing. Sing because you feel good doing it - we all need to let go of old ideals about how it should sound and instead enjoy the possibility to use our voices to express all the feelings and emotions that music and life consist of. SET YOUR VOICE FREE!

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