Welcome into my world of singing!

So - my name is Karin Green, and I am a singer, songwriter, musician... I also take great interest in questions concerning life itself, the holistic view of our health - body, soul and spirit... and especially I am engaged in the ability of music and singing to heal us and make us feel good... to raise our energy level. Singing and music is the language of emotion - a language that influences us past the intellect and that affects us on a level beyond words. It finds its way directly into our souls and can make us laugh and cry, it helps us cope through difficult times, it makes us dance with joy... So - singing and music is a very wonderful gift given to us. Of course there is also music that doesn't make us any good - a lot of destructive music unfortunately affects us in a negative way.

I was born in June 1949 in a little town called Mora, Sweden. I have lived in several different places around the country - from Piteň in the north to Gothenburg in the south. In 1999 I moved back to Mora. I used to live with my two wonderful cats, but they have crossed over to "cat heaven".

Here on my website I am introducing to you my music. To listen to my recordings - please go to Greenverk (unfortunately not yet in english - why not try the Google translation tool - but there is a lot os songs to listen to. I also write about the possibilities of the voice - its healing and balancing power - and this is something that can help us people find our true voice and unique expression - what comes from the inside. Furthermore you will be able to take part of my thoughts and reflections around health and wholeness, animals and nature, and you can take a look at my photo album and my paintings. You will also be informed how to contact me. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay in my "digital home".

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"I am music, the oldest of the art forms.
I am older than the oldest; I am eternal.
Even before life on earth, I was here -
in the winds and in the waves.
When the first trees and flowers came, I was among them,
and when man arrived, I at once became the finest,
the most subtle and powerful means of emotional expression.

When the human was not much more than an animal,
I affected her for her own good.
In all ages I have inspired her, given her hope,
ignited the spark of love, given her a voice to express joy,
encouraged her to heroic deeds and consoled her at grief and despair.
I have played a leading role i the drama of life,
whose goal and purpose is to perfect human nature.
Through me man's nature has been lifted up,
has bees purified and refined.
With man's help I have become a beautiful art.
I have a billion of voices and instruments.
I exist in the heart of all humans
and on their tongues, in all countries, among all people;
the illiterate and the uneducated know me
as much as the rich and educated.
For I speak to all people, in a language that everyone understands.
Even the deaf can hear me
if they only listen to the voice of their own soul.
I am the food of love.
I have educated mankind in mildness and stillness;
and I have lead her forward to heroic deeds.
I give comfort to the lonely,
and I release tensio n and disagreement in large groups of people.
I am a necessary luxuary for every human.
I am MUSIC. "

Unknown author